Translator Hangman

Now available Android!


Update 1.3.1 | Easter update 1.3 | Valentine’s day update 1.2 | Christmas update 1.1

Translator Hangman adds an unique element to the classic game. Allowing you to expand not only your vocabulary but also your knowledge of foreign words. Select two languages, the first will give you the word and the second defines the language you need to translate it to. Will the previewed word help you? Or will it delude you?

The app contains 5 languages, English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish, each existing of more than 1000 words to learn. By combining different languages you get a whole new experience of the game. The interface is in all above languages to provide the best user experience.

Besides the main game type of Translator Hangman, you can also play the Classic Hangman.

Will you be able to save the stickman and get the correct translation? You only got 6 chances, make them count. If you don’t get the correct word the missing letters will be shown in red to help you for the next time.

The game supports 24 achievements divided in 6 different objectives and 4 different difficulties. Will you be able to get all the achievements and prove you are a master translator?

Earn points by completing words and obtaining achievements and watch your progress develop. Showing you 9 different statistics to track your game experience, will you be the best translator from your friends? Compare the statistics and you will find out.


  • Unique game type
  • 5 different languages (English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish)
  • More than 1000 words per language, giving you a lot of combinations
  • Classic game type
  • 24 achievements
  • 9 statistics